Saturday - 10/14/2017

What an amazing day getting the commons area cleaned up to receive the horses back home in a couple of days. Still lots of work to be done before we reunite to kiddos. There was joy brought back to the lands by PIMA Occupational Therapy Assistants program students who came out to clean up the leaves and move floaters. Smiles and lots of fun along with a couple of parents who came out to help and bring back positive energy to the SC Home of Hope grounds! Thank you so much to all who answer the call! Don’t be shy, come on out and bring your gloves. πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ΄πŸŽ—πŸ΄πŸ’›


Sunday - 9/10/2017

10:30am - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

A "special" huge heart ❀️ of thanks for reaching out and receiving Special CHEERS with such love and support! Your donations in kind is our first step towards the future for the children. Thank you Penny Reeves and the entire CAQHA participants, organization, and staff for all that you are doing for our children and young adults.

 Penny Reeves is with Janine Hess and Jessica Antolik Twohig @ 10:27amΒ·  Β·

All of us at CAQHA were blessed to be able to contribute over $1200 to Special Cheers during our All Breed Open Horse Show yesterday. Accepting the donations w...ere SC Founder/President, Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt and SC board member/Secretary Lori Hansard. Thanks to all our exhibitors and friends who made contributions! This is the reason I love our horse 'family' - helping other horse families in need is what we do. If you would like to help with an online donation - please check out the Special Cheers Facebook page or their website -

Saturday - 9/9/2017

9:03am - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

A funny God is playing on me again! All of you know, I'm am tactilely defensive. As long as I don't focus on the nasty, I'm ok. Well.... I've got backed up p...oop pile on me and wading in spilled over porta- a - lou! Lawd HELP ME! I'm itchy, stinky, and sweaty,'s for the children of Special CHEERS. Gotta love the nasty water! THANKS Harvey. We are SC Houston, Texas Strong!

Please share our Facebook videos. We need corporate sponsors. Non Profit and Strong! Moving on to bigger things for the children and families of SC.

Friday - 9/8/2017

Flood water status update. The water has dropped by 3 feet since we were able to go in last week. Praying they continue to drop even faster moving forward.

Wednesday - 9/6/2017

The animals are all safe and sound away from the floods, however they are having a very hard time adjusting to the changes. The stress of not being at home affects them all, just like it does us. We are managing all of their issues as the come up and pray that they dissipate soon.

We have been so blessed by the Great Southwest Equestrian Center for allowing our big four-legged babies to stay there, we cannot thank them enough for all of their generous hospitality. We are also so incredibly thankful for all of the generosity with hay, feed, saw-dust, etc. while we have been displaced. All of this incredible support is what keeps us going to get ready to continue our work with our amazing patients. It tough now, but we are going to keep moving forward looking toward the better days/weeks/months/years to come.

Monday - 9/4/2017

While we wait on the waters to recede, we have been keeping busy with tending to our beloved animals. Special CHEERS has been so unbelievably loved on by so many friends, family members and even strangers during this trying time. Volunteers have turned up to help muck stalls, tend to the animals and to comfort our hearts to make sure that all of us from Special CHEERS feel the love.