Saturday - 5/14/2016

4:09pm - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

What an amazing and blessed day it has bed with all the amazing people that came out to help start the clean up process. The loving hard working energy has starting to come back to the ground and allows the heart to feel open to new possibilities. 😉

The huge huge thank you to the team of volunteers, Cory Lieby, Maryann Alexander Mike(Mike), Chad Chad E. Strowmatt, Arun Ramalingam, and Peggy Lane. Without your kindness and dedication, Special CHEERS would not be as far as it has come today. THANK YOU!!

A big thank you to the staff, Heith Zoch, Gorge Maldonado, Kateland Hayes, David Clueeye Crazygood, that has worked tirelessly to make sure the ponies are fed and happy in Chappell Hill and then come to Clay Road and work tirelessly to make sure the ponies can come home soon. ❤️🐴