Sunday - 5/22/2016

7:55am - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

Tuesday the May 24, will be 5 weeks post evacuation. We, the Special CHEERS staff, are so excited to come back home this week on Thursday. Please help us with prayers , volunteering , donations, and sharing this post‼️ We are working so hard to make sure we bring the ponies and all the four legged fur friends, back to Special CHEERS with a clean and safe environment. We will take the Memorial Day weekend to settle in the four legged fur friends and ponies and Tuesday May 3...1, we will reunite the children and their ponies . Please help us make this happen. It takes a village to bring all this back together again.

We also ask for prayers for Arney Farmer as he has been in the hospital since Friday with severe GI issues. We will not leave him in Chappell Hill. He will come home as soon as he recovers. He needs your prayers for a speedy recovery. He's the Alpha and the herd needs him.