Saturday - 5/7/2016

9:33pm - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

Finally!!!! Finally!!! Shouting from the top of the debris and mulch pile...... The water is down... The water is down!

Today was a day for divide and conquer!... Anjalee, Haden and I went to Chappell Hill to take care of the four legged critters. Aurali Glover stayed at home to take care of JJ. Chad E. Strowmatt, Heith Zoch, Cory Lieby, Gorge Maldonado, Mario Maldonado,and Peggy Lane and Mr.Tom went to Special Cheers to pull hay, saw dust, feed, and ruined stuff onto the parking lot. OMG, what a mess but what a blessing this team was able to do to make it happen.

The sad part of the day is Wyatt our beloved sheep crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning! The vet said the stress was too much. 😢🐑 Amy and Lollie are sad but are now in a field grazing!

Special Cheers will be closed due to drying out, scrub out, and tear out! Please follow Facebook and website for volunteer sign up times and needs. 🤔

Please continue to pray 🙏 for our recovery and the health of all two and four legged souls that are ready to come home!