Saturday - 5/14/2016

4:09pm - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

What an amazing and blessed day it has bed with all the amazing people that came out to help start the clean up process. The loving hard working energy has starting to come back to the ground and allows the heart to feel open to new possibilities. 😉

The huge huge thank you to the team of volunteers, Cory Lieby, Maryann Alexander Mike(Mike), Chad Chad E. Strowmatt, Arun Ramalingam, and Peggy Lane. Without your kindness and dedication, Special CHEERS would not be as far as it has come today. THANK YOU!!

A big thank you to the staff, Heith Zoch, Gorge Maldonado, Kateland Hayes, David Clueeye Crazygood, that has worked tirelessly to make sure the ponies are fed and happy in Chappell Hill and then come to Clay Road and work tirelessly to make sure the ponies can come home soon. ❤️🐴

Friday - 5/13/2016

6:43pm - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

As restoration begins, we, the Special CHEERS staff, are taking every precaution to make sure when we reopen, the property will be safe and clean. Please pray that each precautionary step is a step closer to bringing the ponies and children back home together. We would like to extend a Special Thank you to Daniel Williams for volunteering to help pull stuff from the different buildings! Thank you to Target-Copperfield for the amazing gift cards grant. Thank you goes to those amazing supply drop offs! We are truly blessed to be so surrounded by such special Love and prayers. Please continue to look up and pray that we will be able to open as soon as the end of May! There is so much work to be done just to bring our ponies and four legged friends home safe. And then bring our friends out to visit and start back anew and stronger Special CHEERS! Amore! 💙💛🐴🎗💛

Saturday - 5/7/2016

9:33pm - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

Finally!!!! Finally!!! Shouting from the top of the debris and mulch pile...... The water is down... The water is down!

Today was a day for divide and conquer!... Anjalee, Haden and I went to Chappell Hill to take care of the four legged critters. Aurali Glover stayed at home to take care of JJ. Chad E. Strowmatt, Heith Zoch, Cory Lieby, Gorge Maldonado, Mario Maldonado,and Peggy Lane and Mr.Tom went to Special Cheers to pull hay, saw dust, feed, and ruined stuff onto the parking lot. OMG, what a mess but what a blessing this team was able to do to make it happen.

The sad part of the day is Wyatt our beloved sheep crossed over the rainbow bridge this morning! The vet said the stress was too much. 😢🐑 Amy and Lollie are sad but are now in a field grazing!

Special Cheers will be closed due to drying out, scrub out, and tear out! Please follow Facebook and website for volunteer sign up times and needs. 🤔

Please continue to pray 🙏 for our recovery and the health of all two and four legged souls that are ready to come home!

Friday - 5/6/2016

2:33pm - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

Last night we were "Swamp People" getting our trailer out of SC. We have a new special fur friend that enjoys nasty wet dog food that was left in the mass evac. We're at 12 inches of water with one small dry patch just before the mount block. Yeeeee Haaaaa for dry spots! 4" lift on my Jeep was the bests anniversary present EVER!! Thanks Chad E. Strowmatt! ❤️

Wednesday - 5/4/2016

12:33pm - Fritzi Glover-Strowmatt

May the fourth is with us at Special CHEERS! Yeeeeeea Hawwwwww! The water is receding and we have been going down to the flood waters two times a day so we do not miss the amazing opportunity to go and "open the gate" without water!!! Please know that we, the board of directors, staff, children, and four legged fur friends, are so very blessed and thankful to have such an amazing SC family of support! Please continue to pray for the safety of "Special CHEERS Mission Recovery!"

Mucho Gracias for such an amazing Special Fiesta on Saturday! Lots of fun and support was brought forth to fill the SC property with newness and life! There are not enough words in the vocabulary to express the amount of gratitude felt for all the donations and HUGGs that were received. Those HUGGs will carry us through the emotional part of the disaster and recovery, as that is what has given SC life all along!
Aaaaariva! Amore!

Ms Fritzi is chomping at the bit, but must be patient to allow a safe and stable recovery to come fruition! ❤️ Please have hope and faith that weapon will ALL be back together!

Too blessed to stress as today is a better day! - Special CHEERS!