Volunteering at Special Cheers is a rewarding experience. We welcome groups, businesses, individuals and families.  

Depending on the season, we have might have different needs. But there is always work to be done for every ability:

  • Clearing trails and yard work

  • General maintenance on therapy buildings and barns

  • Scrubbing buckets

  • Grooming horses or shearing sheep

  • Office help

  • Fundraising

  • Volunteering for summer camp


Things to remember when volunteering at Special Cheers

Special Cheers is an occupational therapy center serving children and young adults with learning differences and special needs. It is important to keep calm and have a composed demeanor when around the children and horses. Any questions regarding therapy should be addressed to the therapist on staff. We advise volunteers to dress appropriately, including closed toe shoes. We recommend long pants and long sleeves when working on the trails, but ultimately leave it the volunteer’s discretion to dress according to Houston weather.

To see about Volunteering, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at